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£80m to protect Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg, nicknamed Dizzy Nicky because of his constant “U” turns, told the BBC [Radio Sheffield 17th December 2010] that the £80m loan to Forgemasters to build parts for nuclear power stations, which the coalition cancelled as part of a review of Labour's spending decisions in June, could be looked at again.

He also told the BBC "I would dearly like to see us support it if we can,". Business Secretary Vince Cable has previously said he would "entertain" a fresh loan application from Forgemasters.

Nick Clegg went on record in June when the coalition cancelled the loan by saying
: “The truth is that this loan [£80m to Forgemasters] was promised by the outgoing Labour Government as a calculated ploy to win support in Sheffield just ahead of the election, when they knew all along that there simply wasn't the money to keep to that pledge in first place.”

David Cameron said it was right to review the decisions [£80m to Forgemasters] that were taken very close to the election by the last government."There was a suspicion that while some of these decisions might have been good decisions, not all of them were good decisions and not all of them were good value for money".

On the 8 September 2010 during Prime Ministers Question time, when Nick Clegg stood in for David Cameron, the Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan urged a rethink, but Mr Clegg, MP for Sheffield Hallam, insisted it was the right decision to cancel the loan to Sheffield Forgemasters.

Could it be that Mr. Clegg may say
“The truth is that this loan is promised as a calculated ploy to win support in Sheffield for the Liberal democrats?” I doubt he will.

Isn’t it nice to know we have a coalition government that is Fair and Honest, even though nobody voted for it, nobody wants it, and nobody likes it, including the coalition themselves.

One might think the Coalition leaders are a little inexperienced, Wickileaks revealed an email from Mervin King who expressed the same views, there was talk of Mervin King from the Bank Of England being forced to resign for expressing these thoughts.


Talking of Wickileaks, there is an awful lot of fuss over what has been released, most of it trivial, none of it security conscience, [read this interesting article from the Daily mail] but the Americans want to extradite him, and charge him.

With cries from the USA that he should be jailed for life, assassinated, and other death threats, it would appear that the UK shouldn’t allow extradition if his life is being threatened, unlike failed asylum seeker Iraqi Kurd Aso Mohammed Ibrahim who was jailed for four months after knocking down Amy Houston in Blackburn in 2003, and leaving her to die under his car, while he ran off.

With a string of past offences, because he fathered 2 children after the killing, he can’t be deported.

The 4 month prison sentence was an insult to the parents of Amy Huston, Aso Mohammed Ibrahim won his right to stay in Britain by using the Human Rights Act the girl’s father asks, “And where are my Human Rights?”

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